Trauma of War
The First International
Scientific and Methodological
12 September 2022
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Materials of the Forum
Ernesto Caffo
MD, President of Fondazione Child and of Fondazione S.O.S. – il Telefono Azzurro, Senior Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Member of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors
The psychopathological impact of trauma on children and adolescents: understanding and addressing their mental health condition through helplines

Dear Friends and Colleagues

Many leading associations, including the Association of Psychiatrists of Ukraine, the Polish Psychiatric Association, the Association of Psychologists of Ukraine, and the Association of Psychotherapists of Ukraine, with the support of partners and embassies, took the initiative to hold the First International Scientific and Methodological Forum "Psychological Trauma of War".

Over the past few months, against the background of military operations, sociologists and psychologists have recorded a steady increase in the manifestations of psychological stress among the population of Ukraine. A steady increase in social aggression, apathy, and hopelessness are increasing. It is obvious that all these manifestations on such a scale are a direct consequence of the social crisis generated by the aggression against Ukraine. Scientists, practitioners, and experts in the field of mental health need to develop effective practices that will allow coping with these large-scale challenges. We need to discuss and implement a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach that would allow us to deal with the consequences of post-traumatic syndrome of the post-war society.

Within the framework of the event, using the multifaceted experience of its participants, we aim to develop unified approaches to solving the problem of global overload of the psycho-emotional state of Ukrainian society, objectively caused by aggression against Ukraine. We expect that in the course of a professional discussion, scientists, specialists, and experts could offer the society, the authorities of Ukraine, and foreign partners real ways to eliminate the most acute psychological crisis in which Ukraine has found itself as a result of Russian aggression.


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Embassy of Israel in Ukraine


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The goals of the project

Formation of the National Center for support, treatment, and rehabilitation of people with PTSD.

Creation of an educational platform for mental health professionals regarding advanced training in PTSD therapy and other consequences of the psychological trauma of war.

Creation of a Database of certified mental health professionals to assist refugees in their current locations.

Approval and implementation of recognized PTSD therapy protocols for different categories of patients.

Coordination, specialization and promotion of open free emergency psychological support lines.

Organization of an educational program for school psychologists on PTSD therapy and increasing stress resistance in children and adolescents.

Improving the qualifications of specialists who work on open free lines of emergency psychological support.

Using the experience of specialists from different countries to consolidate the new experience of the war in Ukraine to develop modern approaches to the treatment of psychological traumas of war and to prevent/reduce the impact of these traumas on future generations

Charitable foundation research innovations in medicine

BPR provider № 1039 in Ukraine in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

dated July 14, 2021 № 725

You will have the opportunity of direct communication and discussion with speakers who will give comprehensive answers to all questions
10 points in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated February 22, 2019
No. 446 "Some issues of continuous professional
development of doctors"

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Associations invited
Invited speakers
Preliminary program
12 September 2022
Formal opening
Chair Nataliya Pryanykova, Ukraine
Plenary session
World experience of methods and practices of correction of global psychological crises
Chairs: Irina Pinchuk, Ukraine and Dominika Dudek, Poland
Plenary session
PTSD - Manifestations and consequences of the post-traumatic syndrome in the present and future of the Ukrainian nation
Chair Maria Mezentseva and Oleksandr Polishchuk, Ukraine
Plenary session
Violence and isolation during war
Chairs: Volodymyr Korosty, Roman Broz, Ukraine
Plenary session
Grief of loss and possible consequences. Preservation and restoration of human capital, as the key to the successful development of the country.
Chairs: Dennis Ougrin, UK and Olga Rudneva, Ukraine
Final session. Conclusion remarks.
Summary of the results of the Forum. Approval of basic resolutions of the Forum
Chair: Julia Gershun, Ukraine
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